Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bang! She Got Me

I've been shot.. sort of. Yesterday morning I timidly drove behind my mums Jeep to the Regional office where we were to be vaccinated. I knew the day was coming when I would have to allow someone to prick me over and over with needles that were suppose to protect me from all the scary little germs out there. Let me start by saying I am NOT afraid of needles. Not to say I like them but I not going to cry (hopefully) or pass out (once or twice doesn't count). No, I'm going to go in there, sit down, and take it.

I followed as my mum lead me to the traveling clinic in the building. I'm told to sit down and wait... waiting just causes me to think.. and when I think, I get nervous. I start to fidget, my tongue starts to itch and I begin to think this wasn't such a good idea. I can handle the long plane ride, the hot weather, the work that awaits me in Africa, but the needles at home - I've been dreading! I'm used to getting needles. For my wasp allergy I get little needles once a month to build up an immunity. I've tried acupuncture a few times but that tends to result in me fainting. Going into these vaccinations I had nothing but images of massive needles and pain in my head.

We hear our names being called and my eyes go wide. Oh crap, I can't run. Greeting us is a smiling, full-of-energy woman named Beatrix. "Hi! How are you all doing this morning? I see you're going to Kenya! Amazing! I'm going to get you set with everything you need to know - it's going to be wonderful." Pfft. Wonderful. Ya right, sounds like a real joy.

We sit down in her office, a pretty bland room if you ask me, but she continues to smile. How can anyone be smiling so big? Your office is plain, your job can't be that much fun... unless you like causing pain.. then I  worry :|

She clearly sees my skeptical face because she turns to me and says, "Are you afraid of needles?"

"Umm, no not really" I reply. I guess I just have a pretty serious image in my mind of how this is going to go.

"Oh don't you worry for a single second! I'm great at my job and I LOVE my job! I know it sounds funny but wouldn't you rather someone giving you these needles who loves their job? And I'm great, I truly am. Not to brag but I'm the best. Sit back and relax. This will be EASY!"

To be continued ...


  1. I am waaaay afraid of needles but I just had to pop over because you are tugging one of my heart strings. I applaud you and your daughter.

  2. You're a brave girl, Darcy!