We are Lyn and Jill, proud Canadians, mothers of grown daughters, who have been friends since they were little girls themselves. We are set to fulfill a dream of sharing a life changing experience together. It's been a while... in fact it's been more than thirty-five years since our last travel adventure.

Lyn is a fast talker (no lies - she talks really fast) with an interest in the human condition. Jill is a fast thinker (and a fantastic math tutor) with an endearing personality, also with an interest in the human condition. These friends both make their living in the communications field so pity the poor suckers who get stuck sitting in front of them on the plane.

Africa is calling once again ... and we are heeding the call. Follow along on our adventure as we travel to Tanzania in the fall of 2013 to for a cross cultural experience; to volunteer and learn more about the world we live in -- and ourselves.