Wednesday, June 2, 2010

One Month

In exactly one month from today Darcy and I will be on board a plane headed for Nairobi. That realization is swirling, and I can barely get my head wrapped around it.

I completed my FINAL bit of paperwork for the trip today. I had to fax a small mountain of paperwork to Free the Children - a stack of waivers, proof of medical insurance, medical history, dietary restrictions, copies of our passports and our flight itineraries.

I can see that after anticipating this adventure for more than a year, these final few weeks are going to race towards us at breakneck speed. I am going to start a packing list this weekend so we aren't rushing around at the last minute - even though I know we will be!

Our trip is landing smack dab in the middle of FIFA World Cup that is being held in South Africa. Our return flight is the day after the Cup ends. Not sure what effect, if any, this will have on security.

I found out today that there will be 11 others in our group. I am hoping there will be someone Darcy can connect with - although I don't know why I worry - she will probably be interrogating the program facilitators about their work and the experience they are having.

One month til take off. But in the meantime, I am loving the anticipation!

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