Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Lucky 13

"You've got mail". The familiar dinging sound signals a new arrival in the IN Box. My interest is peaked when I spot that the message is from the trip coordinator at Free the Children. I am not ashamed to admit that I feel the same excitement as a kid on Christmas morning.

So today we found out that we will be a group of 13 on the trip, with only 3 males in this baker's dozen mix. Poor boys/men. I smell a hen party coming on. At first I was concerned that Darcy would have someone her own age in the midst but I think that regardless of who is in the group, she will likely be just as interested in talking to the trip facilitators and other Free the Children staff. Hakuna Matata!

The email went on to describe the procedures to follow once we land at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi and how to look for the smiling face holding the Free the Children sign. There was also a reminder to bring warm clothes ... polar fleece to be exact, as the evenings, nights and early mornings are chilly this time of year and the afternoons are HOT. Sounds just like the Arizona desert. They reminded us to pack and wear layers, but only 15 kg (33 lbs for you Americans) worth as that is the weight restriction for the intracountry flight that will take us to the Masaai Mara. This will be an excellent exercise in packing light for both of us.

As the days fall away and Africa looms ever closer, my thoughts turn to the lucky 13 and the places we'll go, and the things we will know. How lucky are we!


  1. Hi! thanks for putting the link in my comments - don't know why I couldn't get here via the link on your sidebar?? anyway, when i have time I will browse through. I have now figured out the departure date,at any rate!

  2. Exciting and anxious times. I came in from Peering...Good luck in your mission.