Friday, May 14, 2010

Some Kind of Wonderful

I got mail! And it had the best kind of news. It was a notification from Free the Children that someone had donated to our Milestones for Education 100 School Challenge. That someone is my spirited, fellow Canadian blogger friend Angela from over In My Element. She is a primary school teacher and she has been supportive from the very beginning and today's donation I believe is courtesy of her students.

New found friends from bloggerland have donated over $400 to help raise enough for a new school in Kenya. People I have never met, but with whom I have a kinship. Generous, giving people.

I am humbled by the support we are receiving for this cause, and I am hoping to close the gap even more with the charity garage sale we are having in a few weeks. We are almost half way there - 48% of the goal. Thank you to everyone who has contributed. You know who you are and I am eternally grateful. You are all some kind of wonderful!

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