Thursday, July 1, 2010

Packed Up

After months of anticipation, the trip is here - now - tomorrow. I was determined to have my bag packed when I went to sleep tonight, and I am relieved that it's done. My medium sized duffel ensured that I didn't overpack.  I am definitely forfeiting variety and style for comfort and practicality. As I stacked my tee shirts it occurred to me that everything was the same colour - and solid. Oh well ... everything will match??

It's cold on the Masai Mara this time of year so I had to pack warm clothes; the bulky polar fleece and sweat suit to sleep in took up alot of room in the bag. Still had lots of room for my toothbrush though!

I am taking my netbook and camera equipment in my carry-on along with a book and journal. I will record most of my musings in my journal, but the netbook will come in handy for blogging when I get Internet access.

So I got all of the stuff sprawled out on the bed (above), into the duffel and messenger bag. Mission accomplished!
Honestly, I don't know how I will sleep tonight - way too excited!

I provided a detailed list of everything I am bringing with me on the Packing List page of the blog.


  1. Wow, already for the adventure of a lifetime! Wish I could have talked to you before you left! I know you and D-bear will have an outrageous time! I hope the pack lent D is small enough... Love you both!

  2. Best of luck to both of you! Have fun, do good and be safe!