Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Let Me Introduce You

Our original group of 13 expanded to include some other smaller groups. We ranged in age from 14 to 60, and came from central and west coast areas of Canada, Phoenix, San Fransisco, and Texas. We started off strangers and within a day, were like a blended disfunctional family who took care of one another.

Let me make some introductions:

Lovely Lisa (Texas teacher) & Mama Megan (Phoenix). These beautiful ladies shared our Bogani cottage ... as the gigglers in the loft. Lisa was seeking reflection time for the next phase of her life. Megan and I shared something special and had more than being 50 in common.
The Canadian Teachers - Stephanie, Naomi & Susan. They journeyed to Kenya to help build and see first hand the school that their primary students had worked so hard to raise the funds for.
Travis the Single Guy & Rebecca the Sweet Single Teacher. Travis took alot of teasing as "the single guy" and was under close monitoring by Darcy as she studied for potential sparks. Think we found some?
West Coast Honey Mooners Drew & Kim. This dynamic duo plunged themselves into this experience in the name of their son who at age 8 worked for several years to help raise money for the school.

Sweet Janine  & Lively Laura ( Can Teacher). Janine was a loving soul who has dedicated herself to her personal convictions. Laura was our roommate at Bogani and we loved her perspectives on education and life.

Dr Jon & Janice (another Canadian teacher). This couple really grew on me. Jon was quiet and reflective and Janice was extremely inqusitive and expressive.
San Fran Teacher Tania, origninally from Mexico. Anything this tender hearted lady said sounded glorious; her soft accent was addictive.

The Family T - Denise, Adriana, Jeremy, Lorne. This family have travelled the world together and are the most interesting family I have met.

Robin and Gavin (Cameron's other mom and dad) were there to see their son in action!

More than once I caught Gavin's eyes brimming with pride and big wet ones as he watched his son interact with the children, and saw how they loved him back so freely.

Here is a shot of part of the group on the top of the Mountain of Strength - including Jackson, the Maasai Warrior who spent alot of time with us.

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  1. what an exciting group. I'm sooo happy for you.

    one love.