Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Reaching Out

Had an email from Betsy, the volunteer from Chicago who now lives in Moshi. She had some disturbing news. Hamidu's school sponsor suddenly pulled out. I could hear the desperation in her words...

"I think you all may remember Hamidu, the one who wanted to be a tour guide. Well sadly for some unknown reason his sponsor has decided to drop out leaving Hamidu and his family in a very tough unexpected situation. Hamidu (quiet Hamidu) is just about to finish his 6 month pre-entrance course to Tropical Institute in Arusha this month and then immediately starts his year-long Tour Guide course. I said quiet Hamidu, not anymore, he's blossomed in the last 6 months into a confident young man.  
Can any of you find him a sponsor? Since this is a fast one year course the entire amount of money needs to come now, because there is a school fee payment schedule and there several field trips that happen on "unscheduled" times that need immediate prepayment throughout the year.  
The total cost is 4,630,000, which also includes a mandatory driving course to get a Class C driver's license (mandatory for safari guides) and textbooks."

The Tanzanian shillings translate roughly into $2800. I don't usually fundraise through my blog but this young man is special to me and I can't stop feeling that I have to do everything I can to help him raise himself out of poverty. He will make it with our help. And I know what you are thinking ... he is only one of many who deserve the same. And you are right. But one is still one.

If you have an extra $5 you could spare, I would be honoured if you would consider contributing to his educational fund. You can donate here, and if you can't, that's okay too. I really don't have a right to ask anything of anyone. If you donate, please also send off an email to Good Hope with "Hamidu" in the subject line telling them the amount that you donated to his fund.

Assante sana!

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  1. Thank you friends and family - known and unknown - who donated to help Hamidu. I just got word today that he is now fully funded and can proceed with his course. His future looks bright - and you had a hand in it! Assante sana.