Sunday, April 25, 2010

Answering the Call

Kidlet here -  or I guess on this blog, I can just be Darcy.

It's hard to believe Africa, which has been calling to me for so long, is finally within reach. I don't know when my passion for change started within me; I just know I always feel it. I always have that feeling that encourages me to make a difference, to find ways to help and to recognize that while I have the ability to help I also have the responsibility to. It's not just about helping either it's about learning. Traveling around the word has been the best classroom and to think I've only scratched the surface.

Two summers ago I attended the Free the Children Leadership Academy. That's when I found absolute clarity. I realized then exactly what I needed to be doing and where I was headed. I met people that within a single week changed my life. Many of these friends I still keep in touch with frequently. Some have drifted farther apart but what I am sure of is that our paths will cross again. That's the amazing thing when you connect with someone beyond the artificial small talk, when you truly get to know someone's insides, you know that you are connected for life.

My Mum taught me something very special about people and spirituality. See, if you asked me, I would say I'm not a religious person though I have great admiration for those who have been able to make religion a positive outlet in their life. Mum has taught me the difference between religion and spirituality and where they meet. I have trouble wrapping my head around "God", you see. I have way too many questions; it just seems all too big. I find the greatest messages I've ever received are through people. Mum told me to look at these people as an "angel" of sorts and take their messages as a lesson. The more you are open to seeing the messages the more you will gain. I'm in the process of figuring out my path and am on a constant journey of learning, teaching, figuring myself out and most importantly figuring out who I want to be because those things are in my hands. And though I stray here and there and make mistakes, I feel ready for whatever comes my way.

Around my wrist I wear a single piece of string. To me this represents the things I am most passionate about. The string stands for my beliefs, for issues I am passionate about and for rights I am willing to fight for. I believe education is the greatest gift, I believe in equality for all people because in my mind we are all one human race. Many of my FTC friends wear a string which has a meaning important to them. There is a story about an ancient tribe and when their village was going to be attacked they all tied a rope around their stomach and attached the other end to a stake in the ground. It represented their bravery and that they would fight for what was theirs or die trying. I've put my stake in the ground and am now ready to fight for what I believe. We are just people, connected by a string, fighting for what we believe.

Africa is calling and I'm answering.

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  1. Great post, Darcy! You definitely have your mother's way with words!